How many factories do you work for?


We work for eight factories. Five factories are in the USA and Nicaragua, Mexico and China each have one factory for whom we work.


How long have you worked for these factories?


The average relationship is almost twenty years. Naturally, it varies by factory but the relationships are not less than ten years and not more than twenty five years.


What is your relationship to the factories?


We work for these factories, so our customers do not work through us but directly with the owners of the factory. Basically, my role is to identify appropriate customers for their facilities. The factories are all reliable and pleasant to deal with on all issues. These factories are both large and small.  The domestic factories are smaller, having between 30 and 150 employees. The off shore facilities have between 200 and 2500 employees.


Where are the domestic factories located?


The domestic factories are located in the Northeast and Southeast of the USA. Some are in small towns and some are in metropolitan cities.


What do the factories supply?


The factories are pure contractors that work for manufacturers and brands. Our customers supply all product development, raw materials and labels.  The factories typically supply Cut, Sew, Press, Inspect, Interlinings and commonly available trim items.


Do you make samples?


We make salesman samples and approval samples.  We charge 2.5X the production labor price.  We do not make original samples or prototype samples that require patternmaking.


What are your minimums in the domestic factories?


Typically we need to cut at least 200 units per style / per cutting and 100 units per thread color. Cuts smaller than 200 units are not a problem but would necessitate a premium in the price for that particular cut due to increased cutting costs.


What is your production lead time?


Typical lead time is a minimum of four weeks after sample is approved and from receipt of all fabric trim and labels.


What are the payment terms of the factories?


Payment terms for new customers are via cable transfer or check before shipping. For established customers the terms are Net 10 Days from ship date.



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