“Allen at Fashion Sources has been a long term business partner of Pendleton manufacturing and sourcing.  He understands the landscape of sourcing product in the Americas and has been very helpful in locating and assisting to establish relationships with sources both domestically and other places in the Western Hemisphere.”


Pendlelton Woolen Mills

Mark Worster - Vice President-Global Apparel Sourcing & Development



“Allen Edelson at Fashion Sources has been a trusted sourcing expert and ally since my introduction to him in 1994. Over the years, he has recommended outstanding factories that contracted a significant portion of Bills Khakis' production through 2015. He is an excellent source of knowledge for made in USA production.  Allen cares and could always be relied upon to tell the truth about various manufactures who produce high quality apparel and deliver on time."


Bill Thomas



“Our company has been working with Allen at Fashions Sources for almost 20 years now.  Allen is extremely knowledgeable about the ins and outs of manufacturing apparel and that experience has been invaluable to our operation.  He has connected us with very professional factories that are experts at producing the highest quality garments and care about the success of our company.  I can highly recommend Fashion Sources for your production sourcing needs.”


Southeastern Performance Apparel

John Casey – Senior VP Manufacturing



“Having been in the apparel industry for many years I've come across all kinds of people. Working with Allen Edelson from Fashion Sources has been a pleasure.  Nothing I have asked for has been too complicated for him to pursue.  He understands our needs as a manufacturer and follows those leads that will benefit my company. He is honest and hardworking and will always get back to us in a timely manner.  He has provided us with Contractors and Fabric Sources.  I would not hesitate to use his services in the future.”


Yale Trouser Corp.

Gary Bloom - President



“I have done business with Allen and Fashion Sources for about 25 years. We manufactured trousers in his factory in Mexico with great success and made our women’s wear in New York City.


Allen is on top of his business and actually follows up and gets back to you promptly which is very rare. We are currently working with Allen to manufacture our women’s Jackets. This is a result of having problems in Europe and needing to produce in the US. We are a high quality manufacturer who will be 71 years in business as of August 2016. Quality has allowed us to stay in business this long and we have never compromised on that issue. Allen has provided us with his factory in NYC and I am happy to say the quality meets our standard of excellence.


If you are looking for quality manufacturing in the US Allen is the person you should be calling.”


Dan-Mar Mfg. Co. Inc, BB Zipper

Barry Bricken, - CEO, Stephanie Schaich-Bricken  - Designer



"I had the pleasure of meeting Allen at a trade show back in 2010 in Las Vegas.  He liked the products we were making and quickly had a full understanding of our product line and the needs to take the line to the next level.  He was able to set up a meeting for us with an amazing factory in Pennsylvania that he has represented for decades and the rest is history.  We've been able to grow our business dramatically and improve the quality and increase our product offering because of Allen's help.  His knowledge, experience and connections are indispensable not to mention he is a wonderful and charming gentleman.  Thank you Allen!


American Colors

Alex Lehr – CEO



I have known Allen Edelson at Fashion Sources for over 30 years.  His longevity in the apparel business speaks volumes about his credibility and trustworthiness.  I would venture to say that Fashion Sources has had some of the same customers for over 20 years and maybe longer.


Allen is an apparel sourcing professional who truly understands the process.  He represents factories that deliver consistent quality within the delivery window, whether domestic or from off-shore.


One of the things I respect the most about doing business with Allen is his integrity. He will never place an order with a factory that is not capable of producing the quality or quantity that is required by the customer.


When I worked at Hartmarx we received production from his plants in the US, Mexico, Costa Rica, and Nicaragua with consistent results and no surprises.


Allen is truly one of the good guys. His handshake is more than a just a greeting.


Hartmarx Corporation

John A Gulla – Senior Vice President - Slacks




I once had a factory that shut down at the beginning of my production.  I called Allen and he stepped in and recommended another factory. I moved the work, I still made delivery and quality was excellent. Allen saved me from disappointing my customer and probably losing that customer. He can be relied upon for straight talk and direct action, no time wasted. He is 100% reliable.


Allen can assist companies, both large and small, in choosing a good trustworthy factory to make their product.


Isaco International Corporation – Perry Ellis Underwear, Papi Underwear

Philip Goldberg – Director Of Sourcing and Production



“Our company and various divisions have been working with Allen Edelson and Fashion Sources for many years... initially he was a supplier of CMT work for our contract manufacturing factories and now Allen helps us to locate manufacturing for our wholesale divisions in Mexico and the United States. He is knowledgeable about the supply chain and has always been concerned with transparency. His skill, work ethic, and the network he has maintained over these many years "check" all of our boxes when it comes to an independent resource to assist us in refreshing our supply chain.”

Astro Apparel Inc.

Jim Alperin - President

“I have known and been working with Allen Edelson and Fashion Sources for more than twenty five years. He quickly understands what we need and has provided us with factories that do very high quality work and deliver on time.


Allen has great practical understanding of the apparel manufacturing process and has the most extensive knowledge of domestic apparel factories of anyone that I know. He is a great asset to any company, large or small, seeking to produce apparel in the western hemisphere.”


Dynamic Design Enterprises, Pebble Beach Apparel, Design In Motion

Hilton Gluck President  - CEO



“We can’t say enough good things about Allen Edelson.  He exemplifies the right combination of personability and professionalism.  I met Allen about 25 years ago.  We had a cut & sew operation with factories in Miami and Costa Rica.  After Allen introduced himself he made it a point to visit both facilities and become acquainted with our key personnel.


Allen has been most helpful in finding us a number of valuable resources over the years. He has the personal touch that makes doing business with him a real pleasure.  With all the pressures and difficulties we faced in the garment business, Allen was always a helpful, positive factor with his winning ways and sense of humor.  I cannot imagine anyone not being glad they used his services.”


Gold Rose Apparel – Industrias Goldberg

David Goldberg – Partner




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